Holiday Fashion: 5 Stylish Rules to Embrace the Festive Spirit

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  1. Drawing from the Season’s Spirit

    Even if you stick to neutral tones throughout the year, consider adding some silver or red hues to create accents for holiday occasions. Reds, greens, golds, silvers, and jewelry are timeless color choices for the holidays, but don’t shy away from bold options like purple or plum. Vibrant colors bring a festive feel, so spice things up with pumpkin spice orange, Barbie pink, or sage green, reserving neutral tones for another day. It doesn’t have to be the main part of your outfit; a red handbag or a pair of orange ballet flats can do the trick.

  2. Don’t Stress Over Super Revealing Outfits

    A family dinner with little ones may not be the place for ultra-low-cut and super-short dresses. Save those pieces for New Year’s Eve with friends or a date night with your partner, opting for a more comfortable style with a bit more coverage for family gatherings.

  3. Nevertheless, It’s Time to Glam Up

    You can never go wrong with sequins, velvet, satin, or silk for the holidays. They exude sophistication, making them ideal for any celebration. To make these luxurious pieces more daytime-appropriate, balance them with some lighter decorative elements. Think simple high heels, wide-legged trousers, and sleek hairstyles. If your minimalist tendencies clash with such luxurious fabrics, there are many other ways to incorporate holiday allure into your style. Try adding a touch of allure with accessories like intricate crystal tennis bracelets, oversized baroque pearl stud earrings, or a long diamond necklace, all incredibly elegant without feeling too flashy.

  4. Prioritize Comfort

    With holidays centering around food, you’ll be much happier in clothing that offers good stretch around the waist. If your waistband feels tight before leaving the house, consider opting for a different outfit. This way, you can focus on meeting your loved ones without being distracted by your attire.

  5. When in Doubt, Go All Black from Head to Toe

    Whether it’s a little black dress, a coordinated outfit, or a cozy black sweater with a pair of Audrey Hepburn-inspired cropped pants, wearing black from head to toe is a surefire way to look elegant and sophisticated. It serves as a perfect backdrop to experiment with standout accessories like shoulder-grazing earrings, rainbow sequin-embellished handbags, or feather-trimmed high heels. Of course, you can’t go wrong with some pearl accents and a simple wristwatch – it’s entirely up to you.


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