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Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to gear up and get ready for long days at the beach, backyard barbecues, and of course, exciting AFL matches! And what better way to show your team spirit than with the latest collection from AFL Tasmania Devils FC. From stylish tees and hats to cozy hoodies and accessories, we’ve got everything you need to support your favorite team in style this summer. Join us as we explore all the must-have items in this exclusive collection that will have you looking like a true fan on game day.

A Brief History of the Team

The AFL Tasmania Devils FC is a relatively new team in the Australian Football League, having been established in 2019. However, their history can be traced back to the early 2000s when there were talks of creating a Tasmanian team to compete in the national league.
In 2007, the concept of a Tasmanian team was officially endorsed by the AFL and discussions began on how to make it a reality. Over the years, various proposals and plans were put forward but none materialized until late 2018 when the state government and AFL reached an agreement to establish the Tasmania Devils FC as part of Victorian Football League (VFL) for three years. This move was seen as a big step towards ultimately joining the national league.
In March 2019, with great excitement and anticipation from footy fans across Tasmania, the Tasmania Devils FC played their first game against North Melbourne’s VFL team at Arden Street Oval in Melbourne. Although they lost by just two points, it was a historic moment for Tasmanian football.
Throughout their inaugural season in VFL, Tasmania Devils FC showed great potential despite not being able to secure many wins. The club also focused on developing young local talent through its under-18 academy program. This proved successful when multiple players from this academy were drafted into AFL teams in late 2019.
In September 2020, after only one season in VFL, it was announced that Tasmania Devils FC would join Peter Jackson VFL competition permanently from next year onwards. This decision further cemented their position as a strong contender for joining the national league.
As preparations for their upcoming season continue, there is growing optimism among fans that Tasmania Devils FC will soon reach their ultimate goal – becoming an official member club of the Australian Football League.
This year also marks an exciting partnership between AFL Tasmania and Cotton On Group which sees them become major sponsors of our beloved team – the Tasmania Devils FC. This collaboration has resulted in the launch of the highly anticipated AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection that celebrates both football and Tasmanian pride.
So as we eagerly await the 2021 season, let’s show our support for this young team with a rich history and an even brighter future. The journey towards becoming an AFL club may be long but with dedication, hard work, and unwavering fan support, it is only a matter of time before Tasmania Devils FC make their mark in Australian football.

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Why is this Collection Perfect for Summer?

Summer is a time for outdoor adventures, beach trips, and warm weather activities. And what better way to gear up for the season than with the AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection? This collection is perfect for summer because it not only represents your love for footy but also provides practical and stylish options to beat the heat. Here’s why this collection should be on top of your list this summer.
1. Lightweight and Breathable Materials
When it comes to dressing for hot weather, lightweight and breathable fabrics are key. The AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection features jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, and hats made from high-quality materials designed specifically to keep you cool and comfortable in even the hottest temperatures. These garments allow air to flow through them easily, allowing your body to regulate its temperature more efficiently.
2. Bright Colors and Vibrant Designs
Summer is all about bright colors and fun designs, making the AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection perfect for the season. With yellow as their team color combined with black accents, these pieces exude a vibrant energy that perfectly captures the spirit of summer. Plus, the iconic devil logo adds an eye-catching touch to any outfit.
3. Versatility
Whether you’re heading out for a day at the beach or attending a backyard BBQ with friends, this collection has something suitable for every occasion. The t-shirts are great for casual outings while jerseys can be dressed up or down depending on your plans – making them ideal for any summertime activity.
4. Sun Protection
We all know how important sun protection is during summer months, and wearing clothes made from fabrics that provide UV protection can help minimize sun damage on our skin. The AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection offers clothing items that have SPF built-in properties so that you can enjoy those sunny days without worrying about harmful UV rays.
5. Support Your Favorite Team
As a fan of footy culture in Australia,Tasmania devils fans always try to stay connected with the team spirit. With more and more people coming out to support and cheer for their favorite teams, wearing official team merchandise has become a symbol of pride and support. And what better way to show your devotion than by sporting pieces from the AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection?
The AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection is perfect for summer because it offers lightweight and breathable materials, bright colors and vibrant designs, versatility for various occasions, sun protection features, and allows you to represent your love for the sport in style. So get ready to conquer this summer season with confidence while showing off your love for footy with this fantastic collection!

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Must-Have Items in the Collection

When it comes to getting ready for summer, the right wardrobe is essential. And for fans of the AFL Tasmania Devils FC, having items from their favorite team’s collection is a must! From stylish apparel to practical accessories, here are some top picks for the ultimate collection of AFL Tasmania Devils FC gear.
1. Team Jersey:
One cannot call themselves a true fan if they don’t have the official team jersey in their collection. The vibrant red and black stripes with the iconic devil logo make this jersey a standout piece. It’s not just a fashion statement; it also shows support and loyalty towards the team.
2. Caps and Hats:
With the scorching heat of summer, staying protected from harsh sunlight is crucial. And what better way to do that than with a trendy cap or hat featuring the AFL Tasmania Devils FC logo? Not only do these accessories provide shade but also add an extra level of style to any outfit.
3. Shorts and Tees:
Summer calls for cool and comfortable clothing, making shorts and tees perfect additions to any collection. The AFL Tasmania Devils FC has a range of casual options available that are both stylish and comfortable. From basic tees to graphic prints featuring players’ names, there’s something for everyone.
4. Hoodies and Jackets:
For cooler summer evenings or even those unpredictable rainy days, hoodies and jackets are must-have items in any collection. With sleek designs featuring team colors and logos, these pieces not only provide warmth but also showcase team pride.
5. Scarves:
Scarves are versatile accessories that can be worn in multiple ways depending on your preference – wrapped around your neck or tied onto your bag as a decorative accent – adding an element of style to any outfit while representing your favorite team at the same time.
What better way to hydrate during outdoor activities than with drinkware from your beloved team? From water bottles to travel mugs, the AFL Tasmania Devils FC collection has you covered. These items are also perfect for showing off your team spirit at work or school.
7. Team Flags:
For die-hard fans who want to display their team pride in a big way, team flags are a must-have item. They’re perfect for decorating your home or car and make a statement wherever they’re displayed.
The AFL Tasmania Devils FC collection offers a wide range of merchandise that can cover all your summer needs while showing support for your favorite team. So go ahead and start building your ultimate collection today!

Fans’ Reviews and Reactions on Social Media

The excitement surrounding the release of the AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection has been evident on social media, with fans eagerly sharing their reviews and reactions. As supporters eagerly wait for the start of the new season, they have taken to various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to express their thoughts on the highly anticipated merchandise line.
One of the most common sentiments shared by fans is their appreciation for the sleek design and high-quality materials used in creating the collection. Many have expressed that they are impressed with how well each piece represents their favorite team’s colors and logo. The use of breathable fabrics also received praise from followers who were looking forward to wearing these items during hotter game days.
Another aspect that has stood out among fans’ reviews is the variety in sizes offered. From youth sizes to plus sizes, many supporters have praised AFL Tasmania Devils FC for being inclusive and catering to all types of fans. This inclusivity aligns with the values of diversity and community that are strongly represented within both AFL Tasmania Devils FC and its fan base.
Several avid supporters have taken their excitement a step further by sharing photos or videos of themselves wearing pieces from the collection. These posts not only showcase the merchandise but also serve as a means for fans to connect with one another through their shared love for their team. Seeing other supporters proudly sporting items from the collection has sparked even more anticipation among those waiting to get their hands on them.
Social media has also provided an avenue for fans to engage in discussion about specific items within the collection. Some have debated over which color scheme looks best while others have shared tips on how they plan to style different pieces together. This sense of camaraderie and involvement within online communities highlights just how passionate AFL Tasmania Devils FC enthusiasts are when it comes to supporting their team.
It’s clear that social media has played a significant role in amplifying excitement around the AFL Tasmania Devils FC Collection’s release. With glowing reviews, photos of fans sporting the merchandise, and engaging discussions, social media has only added to the build-up for what is sure to be a highly popular collection among supporters.

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